The Foundation Trust

The Mali Langa Children’s Foundation Trust was registered in 2019 by businesswoman Anna Malehu (Mali) Langa in order to establish a solid basis through which her efforts in philanthropy, in particular charity work benefitting young children, could be channelled.

The Mali Langa Children’s Foundation Trust is a non-profit organisation extending a helping hand to children in need, aiming to leave a lasting footprint in their lives through identifying deserving individuals, organisations and homes, and providing much needed support. 

Our Mission

The foundation’s mission is to inspire and support underprivileged young boys and girls and to prove that the path to success is as readily available to them as it is to anyone else.

We do this through providing the tools needed for schooling, assisting in improving living conditions for as many kids as possible, and placing a special focus on sanitaryware for primary school learners entering their teens. The MLCF also values leadership skills development as we strive to make a lasting impact on the kids in our projects, nurturing a generation of hopeful, generous and loving young people. 

Our Vision

The MLCF aims to become a nationwide cornerstone in supporting young persons through awarding bursaries and providing other meaningful aids to fulfill their dreams in education, as well as to alleviate circumstances for those growing up in children’s homes.

The foundation operates on the principle that if a person is shown kindness and the spirit of generosity when they are still young, that they will be inspired to go out into the world, succeed and pay the same kindness back to others. 

Our Values

• Empowerment  
• Generosity 
• Self Respect 
• Collaboration 
• Caring


Our motto captures the essence of what the foundation is all about. Through helping young minds by providing tools for education and alleviating their living conditions we are aiming to walk with them, hand in hand, and leave a lasting footprint in their lives. Through education we are providing the tools for success in life. And through kind deeds we hope to inspire kindness not only from others out there to give more, but for the kids to learn this lesson in life and pay it forward when they reach adulthood.

Mali Langa Foundation

Our Founder

Mali Langa is an award-winning, dynamic and enigmatic businesswoman, mother, wife and creative. She hails from the beautiful Limpopo province in South Africa but in all facets of life, is a true African woman at heart. With a professional background in Mining, Transport, Logistics and Insurance sectors, Mali has earned hands-on experience in a wide range of business areas both at an executive level and in an entrepreneurial capacity.

Mali has dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to philanthropic initiatives that foster creativity in design and education, particularly for young African women. Mali’s commitment to giving back remains a key priority through the establishment of The Mali Langa Children’s Foundation which plans to grow efforts in the areas of education and social development for young and promising individuals across Africa.

Mali Langa

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